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What to Know Before Moving to the District of Columbia:

Washington, DC or more specifically, the District of Columbia, is notably recognized as “the most powerful place on earth.” Living in the District of Columbia can be a costly undertaking, and both the weather and traffic are less than ideal, but the payoff is the wonderful experience of living in the District of Columbia with its robust offerings in career, education, entertainment, and lifestyle options.

COVID-19 Moving Tips & Information:

Learn how to move safely during a pandemic

Moving during a pandemic doesn’t seem ideal but people still have leases that are up, new homes they need to move in to, or properties they need to sell. We walk you through how companies have altered their business operations to create a safe enviornment for you and employees during a move.
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Where to store your extra belongings during a move

During a move you can come across a lot of extra items you no longer need or don’t have room for in your home. Renting a storage unit is a great option while moving or just cleaning out your home. We can help you find the right size storage unit and how to move you items in to the unit while staying safe.
Tips for Renting Self Storage During COVID-19

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Find All You Need to Know About Living in the District of Columbia

So you’re thinking about living in the capital of the world?  We’ve created this resource to provide you with everything you need for your future life in the District of Columbia, right at your fingertips.  Check out the links below for everything you need to know about living in this thriving and powerful metropolis.  

District of Columbia Places to Live
District of Columbia Places to Live

Great Places to Live in the District of Columbia:

Finding the right place to live for your ideal lifestyle is about finding a delicate balance between salaries, expenses, education, activity, and distance to work. This is why it is important to consider the cost of living, schools, and overall safety when researching the best place to live. Below are some of the most popular places to live within the District of Columbia and some general information about each.

Capitol Hill, Washington, DC

One of the oldest and most dense residential neighborhoods of D.C., the Capitol Hill area is home to the Capitol Building, the Library of Congress, and the Supreme Court. With a population of 55,592, there are approximately 8,063 people per square mile. Cost of living here is about 8% higher than the Washington DC average, with real estate prices 16% higher and rent 19% higher. Along with costly housing prices, Capitol Hill also has high crime rates, coming in at 31% higher than the Washington DC average.

Downtown, Washington DC

Downtown, Washington DC has a population of 8,132 people and much lower than average living costs. Cost of living is 7% lower than the DC average; real estate is 26% lower, and rent is 37% lower than the DC average. In tandem with the lower population and the lower living cost is the crime rate. That, too, is 7% lower than the DC average.

Woodley Park, Washington, DC

Woodley Park, Washington, DC, population 7,667, is a beautiful, costly, and safe neighborhood to live in in the Washington DC area. Its housing costs are roughly 87% higher than the DC average, with rental prices 25% higher, but the crime rates are 50% lower than that of the DC limits. These scores give Woodley Park an excellent livability rating of 72/100 according to arevibes.com.

Cleveland Park, Washington, DC

A little bigger than Woodley Park, Cleveland Park, Washington, DC maintains a population of 11,732, and many of the same characteristics that make it a great place to live in the DC Metro area. If you can afford to live here, you have chosen a place that has a livability score of 75/100 from areavibes.com. Crime rates are 64% lower than the district’s average. Real Estate, rent, and cost of living are all higher, but worth the price tag. The median age in this area is 39, and 37% of families living here have children under the age of 18.

Foggy Bottom, Washington, DC

Foggy Bottom has an average livability score with crime rates a little lower than the DC. Although the rental prices in Foggy Bottom are slightly higher, real estate prices are 28% lower, and cost of living is 8% lower than the DC average.

Georgetown, Washington, DC

Georgetown, population 14,118, rates below average for its livability score far above average for its fashion, charm, and epicurean lifestyle. Real Estate is 109% higher than that of DC! Tourists and shoppers are drawn to the fashion forward styles and fine detailed things. This town was founded more than fifty years before Washington, DC, and possesses a strong individualized personality and an established community. Stop by Georgetown Cupcakes for an afternoon snack, or take a tour of some of the most exclusive row homes and mansions in the city.

Adams Morgan, Washington, DC

With a population of 17,154, Adams Morgan, gives Metro Area residents another living option. Crime rates are 31% lower than neighboring communities, but its real estate, rental, and cost of living prices are all considerably higher. Checkout some attractive rowhouses, pre-war apartments. The male to female ratio is split evenly and the median age is 35.7. Enjoy daytime diversions like trying new foods, or listening to new music. Streets are lined with unique shops and eclectic decor.

U Street Corridor, Washington, DC

U Street Corridor, Washington DC provides yet another option for those needing to live near the capitol, but not wanting to pay the premium that it requires. This neighborhood mixes heritage and culture, while letting you live like a local. Housing options are expensive, but they offer a mix of row houses, condos, and loft apartments. Crime rates in the area are about 3% lower than the District’s average. Rental prices, real estate prices and cost of living are all comparable to that of Washington, D.C.


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