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What to Know Before Moving to Philadelphia

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s largest city, with its botanical gardens, city parks, bustling streets, and busy shipping ports, embodies both the quiet, reflective qualities of its Quaker founder, William Penn, and its booming commercial industries inspired by the brilliant Benjamin Franklin. The city is rich in cultural values and inclusivity represented by its traditional heritage and its fond embrace of worldwide influences. Philadelphia as a city has developed a persona of grit and determination as it has triumphed foreign and domestic oppositions through the years. The birthplace of our Declaration of Independence and our unmatched freedom, Philadelphia offers the best of the past while giving you the best place to develop your future within an inspiring metropolis.

Find All You Need to Know About Moving to Philly

So you’re ready to move to the City of Brotherly Love?  We’ve created this resource to provide you with everything you need for your Philadelphia move, right at your fingertips.  Check out the links below for everything you need to know before,  during, and after your move.

The dazzling lights of Boathouse Row…the iconic Rocky Statue…America’s Liberty Bell…these are just a few of our city’s monuments that await your arrival. With museums and theatres, monuments and restaurants, parks and shops, you are bound to find entertainment and enjoyment all around you.  Travel the city by foot, bicycle, car, or city transportation to enjoy the magnificent merging of America’s historical past and its emerging cultural future.  Whether you come for the history or you come to make history, we’re here to supply moving guidance and help you throughout your Philadelphia move. By the way, at Self Storage Advisor, we’re self storage experts and can help you find the perfect self storage near Philadelphia. Find self storage near you or call (855) 894-7867 for help today!

Unique characteristics of Philadelphia
Unique characteristics of Philadelphia

Unique Characteristics of Philly:

Every section of Philly is unique in its own characteristics.  From the affluent Fairmount and Chestnut Hill to the family oriented suburbs of Manayunk, East Falls, and Roxborough, you are bound to find just the right hybrid of culture and comfort for your taste and standard of living. Many professionals choose the modish apartments and townhouses in Fishtown and Old City, where trendy coffee shops and eateries offer a chance to mingle with the “up and coming.”

Philly offers a wide variety of public transport including the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) system.  This line of transport includes the subway, city buses, trolleys, and regional trains, and offers commute through the city itself and neighboring communities into Wilmington, Delaware and Trenton, New Jersey.  Reports show that an average commute is approximately 30 minutes, however, this time is all dependent on traffic between Center City and its neighboring cities. Premium parking is available for some commercial companies, however, there are some free parking properties near residential neighborhoods.  For those that prefer a walking commute, Central Philly offers easy access to one of the most walkable major cities in America. Old City Philadelphia employs a unique street naming system in which north to south streets are numbered and east to west streets are named after trees.  Many believe this system was developed by Penn’s friend and surveyor, Thomas Holme, in an effort to introduce a “green” atmosphere.  Street names represent trees from softwood to hardwood beginning with Vine Street. 

Enjoy the intriguing tastes of the world by visiting hundreds of local restaurants.  Whether you are looking for the perfect Philly cheesesteak or the amazing combination of fried chicken and doughnuts found at Federal Doughnuts, Philly is bound to keep your taste buds entertained!

Philadelphia is home to many athletes and sports teams.  The 76ers, named in representation of our 1776 Declaration of Independence from England, represent Philly on the NBA front.  The Philadelphia Eagles football team, Philadelphia Phillies baseball team, Philadelphia Flyers hockey team, Philadelphia Union professional soccer team, and the Philadelphia Fusion esports team offer fans many opportunities to root for their claim to fame in the international sports world.

Philadelphia Cost of Living:

According to Numbeo, here are the general statistics for living costs in Philly. These figures are represented without rent costs. Of course rent or housing costs would fluctuate depending on the neighborhood and its relativity to Center City. The cost of living is consistent with the pressure to uphold a desired standard of living.

• Four-person family monthly costs: $3,585.81 without rent
• A single person’s monthly costs: $996.45 without rent
• Cost of living index in Philadelphia is 22.94% lower than in new York
• Rent in Philadelphia is, in average, 52.33% lower than in New York
• Cost of living rank 41st out of 456 cities in the world
• Philadelphia has a cost of living index of 77.06

Other factors that would play into living costs are transportation and taxes.


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Where to Live in Philadelphia:

The neighborhoods in Philadelphia are as diverse as the people that populate them.  From the historic feel of Old City to the hustle and bustle of Center City, there is a place for everyone.  Manayunk offers a relaxed, cozy setting, while Queens Village offers close proximity to shops, restaurants, and bars.  University City has attracted many people who love the balance of green space and lovely urban settings amongst the youthful energy of the local universities. All of these neighborhoods have something in common…pride in their identity.  Philadelphians in these neighborhoods love what makes home, home. Their character qualities, their identities, their personalities are all portrayed through people. Although Manayunk and Fishtown were once industrial centers in earlier days, their tenacity and spunk are different.  South Philly holds true to its history and claim to eateries. These restaurants are iconic to the city and to its fame. They hold the traditions of the past while continuing to explore the culinary trends of the present. Chestnut Hill, known as the city’s garden district, is one of the more affluent neighborhoods in the Philly region.  The charm is completed with cobblestone streets, historic mansions, and Victorian townhouses.

College Student

Graduate Hospital

Powelton Village

University City

Young Career




Market East

Northern Liberties

Queen Village

Married with Kids

Bella Vista


East Passyunk


Spring Garden

Washington Square West


Cedar Park

Chestnut Hill

Logan Square


Society Hill

Spruce Hill

Philadelphia Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities & Industries in Philadelphia:

For more than two centuries, Philadelphia has been a front runner for America’s economic, intellectual, and humanitarian development and continues to remain amid the top lists of cities that best balance work and family life.  The city of Philadelphia offers a wide range of employment opportunities, and while the unemployment rate in Philly is slightly higher than the national rate, this is balanced by a higher than national average salary.

Philadelphia is home to industry leaders in many different professional markets.  Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) offer resources and opportunities to the health service industry.  Banking, finance, and technology professionals look to Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Comcast for employment opportunities in an ever growing economy. Educators, historians, and scientists may find inspiration and employment through the Benjamin Franklin Institute, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, or by leading tours to some of our nation’s most iconic and historic landmarks.

Education in Philadelphia:

Philadelphia is rich in both educators and education.  From its earliest beginnings with our founder William Penn, the city has promoted an environment to learn and a place to experiment with and apply that learning. The School District of Philadelphia was established in 1818 and is currently the 8th largest school district in the nation.   

Early education programs are available through numerous daycares, private and parochial schools, and public school systems. offers a great lead into early elementary education options.

Radnor Township School District in Wayne, PA,  rates highest on the list of safest school districts in Philly.  Without a doubt, this rating is a prominent concern for families with school aged children. 

Most of the schools in this district are technology savvy and prepare their students for the opportunities and responsibilities that come with a career in the city.  Students leave the halls with a balanced education in the arts, culture, technology, and STEM criteria.  

Colleges are fully prepared to continue the prestigious education in specialized fields.  Among these college names are University of Pennsylvania, Villanova, Curtis Institute of Music, The Art Institute of Philadelphia, Cabrini University, Temple University, and many more.  Whether it is medicine, banking, music, graphic design, finance analyzing, or art, you are sure to find an institution with top-tier instruction.  The museums, historical landmarks, and rich culture all around provide out-of-the-classroom learning experiences for professor and student alike!

Additional Information on Educational in Philadelphia

Crime in Philadelphia:

Along with the business and industry that propels a big metropolis comes the chance for an inflated crime rate.  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is no different when compared to the national statistics. While Philadelphia has pockets where crime is quite high, the locations and neighborhoods highlighted above have low crime rates according to  As a general rule, stay south of Girard Avenue and east of 40th street to avoid the higher risk areas of Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Crime Map & Stats

Things to do in Philadelphia

Things to Do in Philadelphia:

Whether you are a history buff, a foodie, or a cultured artist, you will never tire of places to visit or attractions to experience.  Among the top attractions in Center City is the Liberty Bell. The 2,080 pound bell is safely roped off, but is available to view and to snap a selfie.  Tourists come from all over the world to relish in an iconic symbol of American liberty and freedom. 

Opposite the Liberty Bell, take a tour through Independence Hall.  Best toured in the morning, Independence Hall houses furniture styles and paint colors that are true to the late 1700 time period.  Imagine yourself in the midst of Benjamin Franklin and William Penn, George Washington and John Hancock, as they debate and discuss the necessity to fight for our beloved nation!  

Take a short walk across the street to tour the Philadelphia Mint and watch how our coins are made!  Brush up on your American history by touring the Constitution Center or Eastern State Penitentiary. Take a trolley tour on a double decker bus and learn of specific buildings and landmarks.  Trained tour guides add their own flair and personality as they deliver interesting information not often found in textbooks.  

The Philadelphia Zoo and the Please Touch Museum provide great entertainment for children. Families can enjoy many hands-on displays and exhibits in both venues. 

Looking for an Instagram-worthy photo, or want to rest your feet in between sightseeing? LOVE Park is sure to please.  Also known as the John F. Kennedy Plaza, LOVE Park is home to Robert Indiana’s infamous LOVE statue. The plaza underwent renovations in May of 2018 to include a welcome center, a water feature, and a green space.  

Those that prefer the outdoors can enjoy 50+ miles of hiking and biking trails in the 1800+ acre Wissahickon Valley Park green space. Walk the trails in the fall to take in the vibrant colors of the leaves and the crisp autumn air. Or, take in the fragrant blossoms of spring and enjoy the pinks, purples, and greens of new growth and fresh blooms.

Baseball enthusiasts are sure to visit the Phillies’ baseball stadium, Citizens Bank Park.  There’s not a bad seat in the house, and food concessions and vendors are sure to provide a tasty experience.  Enjoy a famous Philly Cheesesteak or Philly pretzel!

Spend some time at the Kimmel Center or the Fillmore Center to take in the sights and sounds of Philly’s famous musicians and actors.  The daily calendar is filled with shows, plays, concerts, and events of all genres and for all ages.  Jazz clubs and bistros offer great food and live performances that are sure to make your visit memorable.”

Getting Around Town – Philly Transportation:

Philly offers a wide variety of public transport including the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority (SEPTA) system.  This line of transport is the sixth largest public transit system in America. It includes the subway, city buses, trolleys, and regional trains, and offers transportation through the city itself and neighboring communities into Wilmington, Delaware and Trenton, New Jersey.  

Bus transportation is available to residents and tourists alike, but is different in its purpose.  Tourists are more apt to use the Phlash tourist bus. This bus operates seasonally and provides transit to the major attraction sites, museums, and monuments.  make sure to check the website before making plans as the schedule could be impacted due to COVID-19. 

Trolleys and buses are a major part of resident and commuter transportation through Philadelphia, as they are in most other large cities.  The tram lines travel to the University City section of Philly and eventually spread throughout the western part of the city, while over 70 different bus routes transport people across Philadelphia and suburbs.

The subway is another mode of transportation throughout the city.  The Broad Street Line runs north-south and serves the community by bussing to the stadium areas, while the Market-Frankford Line runs east-west.  This line carries passengers to Penn’s Landing, the Historic District, the Convention Center, and Reading Terminal Market.

Philadelphia Moving Resources:

Apply for a MOVING PERMIT:

If you are planning a move to downtown Philadelphia you will most likely want to apply for a moving permit. Many Philly streets are very small without much parking availability and a moving permit will block off space on your street for your moving truck. A moving permit application must be submitted 3 days before your moving date.

Apply for a Philly Moving Permit Easily


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